Katrin Thormann by Katerina Jebb for Bergdorf Goodman Fall 2010

Bringing some sparkle and shine to the Bergdorf Goodman fall collections catalogue, Katrin Thormann models the luxury retailer’s evening wear and party dress selection. In front of Katerina Jebb’s lens, Katrin plays dress up in stunning pieces from Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera and more in Hypnose.

13 Responses to “Katrin Thormann by Katerina Jebb for Bergdorf Goodman Fall 2010”

  1. terrible photography…. katrin isbeautiful shame about the photographer really

  2. Anastasia Beverhausen Reply

    Don’t agree at all.
    Its an interesting way of keeping the attention in a difficult job as a catalogue. You need to showcase the product but at the same time you want to be inspired.
    I think the photography is challenging and stretching your perception of fashion photography. More importantly the pictures actually emote something.
    Maybe it’s just too many variations on few ideas and perhaps K.Thormann was’nt the right cast for this concept.

    But otherwise well done.

  3. amazing dresses, amazing model, stunning location..

    photographer didn’t seem to connect to the model.. plus the perspective is a bit bland.. maybe they were pressed for time to produce this shoot.
    Seems very experimental though, the photographer played with flare, fog machine, projector, movement… To make it polished I would have liked to see more consistency and perspective.

  4. this is a lookbook, it’s not supposed to be so flashy or convey a story or anything. i think this is perfect. the pieces are amazing.

  5. The silver short dress in the 9th picture…………who is it from??? STUNNING!!

  6. Dalton Louis Photography Reply

    The dresses are amazing. They would shine no matter what the imagery, but I’m in the “like” camp on the photography. I just wish the Hair and Make-up person didn’t call in sick that day. It really needed that polished finish.

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