Kate Bosworth Sings in Topshop’s “Winter Wonderland” Film

Winter WonderlandTopshop enlists American actress Kate Bosworth for its first ever Christmas film. Directed by Michael Polish, Kate sings the holiday classic, “Winter Wonderland” in a custom-made Topshop evening dress. Posing on a piano, the cinematic video is inspired by the famous piano scene with Michelle Pffeifer in “The Fabulous Baker Boys”.

 2012, Celebrity, video

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6 Responses to “Kate Bosworth Sings in Topshop’s “Winter Wonderland” Film”

  1. She isn’t the best singer but then again, who knew she could sing? I think the video was done perfectly though.

  2. she’s a good singer! could it be better? yeah, but i thought she did it great! and the video is really well done and beautiful.

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