Kasia Struss Dons a Fashion Mix for Numéro #142 by Greg Kadel

La BohèmeKasia Struss rocks a bold mix of eclectic prints, standout jewelry and even denim for the April 2013 edition of Numéro. The Polish beauty poses for Greg Kadel in polished studio images wearing designs from labels such as Calvin Klein Collection, DSquared2 and Chanel selected by stylist Bill Mullen. For beauty, Kasia dons elaborate braids by hair stylist Ward with metallic eyeshadow courtesy of makeup artist Mariel Barrera.

11 Responses to “Kasia Struss Dons a Fashion Mix for Numéro #142 by Greg Kadel”

  1. I couldn`t disagree more the all thing looks like a zink magazine shoot a mess of close and that hair where should i start what`s is going on with numero please feature better teams

  2. I’m glad they didn’t put her in blackface, but really Numéro?!? Africanizing and exoticizing a white, blonde model is still inappropriate and culturally insensitive. Use a black model for once.

    • These products are sold mostly to white people. White people want to know how white people will look like using ethnical accessories. Get over your stupidity! Stop seeing prejudice where there is none.

      • If the purpose of a fashion spread was to show consumers what they look like in certain clothes, than why aren’t models a size 12? Why are they so thin that less than one percent of the population has their body type? And what about the huge numbers of Chinese and Korean and Japanese women that bankroll luxury fashion brands? Shouldn’t they get an Asian model to display these wares in fashion magazines? You’re logic is flawed, and it’s rooted in racial prejudice. This is a serious issue throughout the fashion industry and your ignorance with regards to how offensive these types of shoots are excuses the unethical actions of these stylists and creative directors.

        • stop grumbling and enjoy the inspiration! better than being a white model and totally white culture inspired, too! numero and many others WILL find some diversity in their casting is the near future – the world is calling for it! be positive, it is coming:)

          • It’s not going to come unless I grumble though :)

    • it’s not african it’s peruvian style. With a black model it would be not fashion but something like cultural photography, this is fashion and you have to quit from tradition and do something new. A peruvian model with peruvian clothes it’s not fashion.

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