Jessica Chastain Stars in New Shots for YSL Manifesto

YSL Beauty – Following up the initial campaign release, YSL has revealed more images of actress Jessica Chastain for its “Manifesto” fragrance line. The redheaded stunner poses for Max Vadukul in a series of beauty portraits featuring all black clothing designed by Hedi Slimane.

6 Responses to “Jessica Chastain Stars in New Shots for YSL Manifesto”

  1. Aaaaaaaand que the parted, breathy lips, the swanning elegant arms…the tough face, the death stare…the severely controlled Garbo hair…och, haven’t we seen this schtick a million times before? She’s got more color and snap than this. I hope the fragrance does, too.

    • I think the fragrance actually has something 40s film noir-esque about it, therefore I can appreciate the nod to Garbo in these pics

  2. I love her face but there’s nothing special about the shooting,i can forget it all in a heartbeat.

  3. Heather Hejna Reply

    She is incredible, and her skin is absolutely flawless!

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