Exclusive: Q&A With Jennie Runk on Being a Feminist, Positive Body Image + More

As a model it must be important to have a good beauty routine. Can you share some of your beauty secrets?

Drink lots of water! Just like every body is different, everyone has different skin and hair too. The products I love won’t work for everyone, but the one thing that will always help you look your best is drinking enough water every day. Also, don’t fall asleep with your makeup on. I keep my makeup wipes next to my bed, in case I get comfortable, then suddenly realize I forgot to wash my face. That way, I don’t even have to get up, I wipe it off right there.

jennie runk glassbook Exclusive: Q&A With Jennie Runk on Being a Feminist, Positive Body Image + More

Image: Jennie Runk by Lily Cummings for Glassbook Magazine. Via Photographer’s Tumblr

When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

I read a lot of books and I love to play video games and hang out with my cat. I also like to have brunch with friends or go to poetry events in the city.

If you weren’t a model, what could you see yourself doing as a career?

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, so I would probably be doing that.

How would you describe your personal style? Are you a jeans and t-shirt type of girl or dresses and heels?

I’m both! I like skinny jeans with big comfy shirts and sneakers when I’m running errands, but I love wearing a dress when I’m going to brunch or taking myself shopping, and I absolutely love wearing heels when I go out on the weekends. I have a different style depending on where I’m going, what time it is, or what mood I’m in. I’ll change 5 times a day if I get the chance to.

A lot of models seem to have clothing collections nowadays. Could you see yourself designing in the future?

Often, when I’m shopping, I’ll think “oh this would be perfect if…” I always want to tweak things, make them more suitable to my own personal style. It could be cool to design my own line, but there are so many other careers I’m interested in, I can’t say for sure what I’ll end up doing in the future.

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