Isabeli Fontana by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Spain February 2012

BandidaIsabeli Fontana takes on western style with a Spanish flair for the February cover shoot of Vogue Spain, shot by Alexi Lubormirski. Wearing a wardrobe of corsets, lace and floral prints styled by Belén Antolín, Isabeli is a sultry vision with weaponry and bronzed skin in the sun-drenched images.

17 Responses to “Isabeli Fontana by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Spain February 2012”

  1. ugg i cant see isabeli, i would never want to meet her, she looks so unfriendly!

  2. bad bad taste! whoever think this is great i would be questioning there taste level…

  3. her facial expression kinda kill a few of the pics, I like the styling/lighting/location in a few of them though. alex is a dope photographer

  4. Love the lighting love the set but I have to agree the styling comes across very slutty and does the gorgeous model nothing and she looks so tough and bitchy when we want to see her sexy and pretty!!! Let me style that out hee hee!

  5. Thebravoway Reply

    This fashion story is beautiful, all these negative comments are proof, that you could have a beautiful model, a great location, a talented shooter an amazing stylist, and yet people have got to criticize. As a professional stylist in the industry for almost 15 years, I dare any one here to do better.  In fashion, showing legs, cleavage and style does not mean your a slut, in fact, its all about showing off the shape of the model.  The styling here is done very well, the layering is fantastic, the details are very well thought through, with patterns, textures and colors peeking out here and there.  Socks under shoes, gun props, and accessories that read the theme, this stylist was true to the concept and took it to the next level. She thinks outside the box.  Now, to you all that have something to say about this, words are cheap, I dare you to go out, find a shooter of this caliber, the location, the make up artist, the hair stylist, the fashion stylist that can actually do the job, have her pull clothes for a whole week, shoot, and direct the model, and come back and post your images on this site, then see what people have to say about your work, after blood sweat and tears.   

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