Heidi Mount by Lachlan Bailey for Samantha Wills 2011 Campaign

Portraits Of DuskLachlan Bailey delivers stunning beauty shots for Aussie designer Samantha Wills’ latest campaign starring Heidi Mount. Styled by Alastair McKimm in loose-fitting tees and denim, Heidi dons the sparkling gems with a sensuous charm. / Creative direction by Fabio Ongarato

25 Responses to “Heidi Mount by Lachlan Bailey for Samantha Wills 2011 Campaign”

  1. yea I wonder what the lighting set up was. Just one light?

  2.  Very good, love the way the model is beautiful and lighting is beautiful but the jewelry is still clearly advertised.

  3. I want every piece of jewelry in here. Though with those prices I’ll probably have to turn to unlawful ways…

  4.  Lachlan Bailey is pure class. Plus I dig HM always, even if she is a bit bland in these…

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