Zhang Fan for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia November 2010 by Nicoline Patricia Malina

Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia goes to the country of Tibet for its November issue. Inspired by Tibetan culture and landscape, fashion editor Michael Pondaag pieces together a wardrobe of colorful patterns paired with dramatic silhouettes for a stunning effect. Photographed by Nicoline Patricia Malina and starring Zhang Fan, the story showcases everything from Tibet’s mountain valleys to its famous yaks. / Hair and makeup by Qiqi Franky

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16 Responses to “Zhang Fan for Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia November 2010 by Nicoline Patricia Malina”

  1. love this
    the picture where she is wearing bright orange is stunning truly

  2. A few of the photos look slightly amateurish, and others look spectacular. It’s a bit strange, haha, but I like it for the most part!

  3. The picture where she has her hair pulled back and all the beautiful rings on is fantastic. I really love seeing Asian models. If only China and Japan agreed… Their features instantly catch ones attention but then I suppose that’s what everyone thought of eastern european models.

  4. This is spectacular. I have an obsession with nature, environment and parts of the world where internet and facebook are NOT relevant. Colors are vibrant, clothes are amazing and she is beautiful.

  5. ilovetoeat Reply

    its amazing..the view work all well with the clothes and model…great job!!

  6. I felt a real connection to this editorial, surprisingly. The vibrant colors and the energy seem to ooze out of this editorial! The wardrobe pieces were well put together and the hair styling was phenomenal! I have not felt like this about a editorial in such a long time!

  7. They may well be beautiful, the countryside and towns are, of course, stunning… but this is more cultural (mis)appropriation. Free Tibet!

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