Harper’s Bazaar Arabia October 2010 Cover | Nicole Richie by Pavel Havlicek

nicolecover <em>Harpers Bazaar Arabia</em> October 2010 Cover | Nicole Richie by Pavel Havlicek

Nicole Richie photographed by Pavel Havlicek for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia October 2010

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  • Anonymous

    Its like they copied Australian Vogue. Almost exactly alike. See below:


    • http://www.sendmoneytomexico.org Michelle

      You are true… Shame..!!

    • http://fashiongonerogue.com/ Fashion Gone Rogue

      This would be shot before Vogue Australia came out. It’s probably pure coincidence.

    • banana

      I would hardly call that a copy, similar but not alarmingly so. Still, whatever way you cut it, it’s a terrible cover!

      • Anonymous

        I wasnt trying to imply it was copied, LIKE it was copied since its so similar. Both covers are average best. Im not sure why Nicole is covering a magazine period. Her eyes look dead.

  • flo

    she looks absolutely dreadful. The make up, her eye color with that stupid cheap eyeliner, she looks sick. Those flowers give me a headache, maybe that is what happened to her too?

  • Ferdinand

    Dear Harper’s and Vogue, please, please go back to putting models on your covers. Celebrities are neither alluring nor glamorous, and we see enough of them everywhere.

    • Anonymous

      For some reason, these fashion editors think that celebrities are stylish. I cant recall ONE celebrity that has an actual style. Most of them are boring, tacky, over-the-top. Fascination of them is beyond me. US Vogue particulary is obsessed with celebrities on cover. It doesnt say much about the audience now, doesnt it?

  • marie

    Wow. She looks absolutely terribly. I second Ferdinand’s comment.

  • permpfffff

    Is this for fucking real? Or some kind of sick joke?

    I’ve coughed up better looking things than this!

  • http://stylometre.blogspot.com Vikki

    Definitely not a flattering shoot of Nicole.
    Plus, she seems to be everywhere these days!



  • Hek

    She looks old and the makeup is terrible.

  • Eudora

    So many rude comments. I think Nicole is usually a beautiful girl, but this cover does nothing for her.

  • http://alafemme.blogspot.com Alafemmeblog

    Not a great cover, in my opinion!!


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06444048975483195224 Hayley

    her eyes are too gold. which remind me of vampires in twilight?