Hannelore Knuts by Catherine Servel for Exhibition #2

Leather Makes Everything Better – The Leather issue of Exhibition Magazine taps Catherine Servel for a story of rock and roll glamour starring Hannelore Knuts. Garbed in lingerie inspired looks with a hard edge styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, Hannelore wows in piercings and spiky jewelry. / Hair by Shin Arima, Makeup by Chiho Omae @ Frank Reps

4 Responses to “Hannelore Knuts by Catherine Servel for Exhibition #2”

  1. Wow, that’s a perfect.  The whole creative team nailed it.  It’s not easy getting a rock&roll punk look that also looks a little glamorous/clean too ( that usually just ends up looking lame and fake). 

  2. Hervethefirst Reply

    I am in complete agreement, it’s really an original and interesting take on a subject that many times can be quite one-dimensional.  Beautiful work.

  3. eleonard Reply

    GORGEOUS.  Catherine Servel’s work is always so….something.

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