Ginta Lapina & Andrej Pejic by Sebastian Kim for Numéro #128

Les GémeauxGinta Lapina and Andrej Pejic are fashionable doppelgangers in Sebastian Kim’s high gloss images lensed for Numéro #128. Outfitted by Charles Varenne, the blonde duo sports sleek looks from the fall collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Ralph Lauren and others. Matching red lips and icy hair by Maud Laceppe and Laurent Philippon give Ginta and Andrej the perfect stoic beauty. / Set design by Anne Koch

9 Responses to “Ginta Lapina & Andrej Pejic by Sebastian Kim for Numéro #128”

  1. it is so beauiful. it blows my mind how beautiful Andre is. You can’t even tell he is a boy in these images. Well done.

  2. it seems like it’s every publisher’s new prerogative to have run a shot of andrej in a dress at least once in their lifetime. the act is getting old. that said, the shots are pretty good.

    • ThisIsMyFace Reply

      I would have said the same thing before seeing the images, but I think that there’s a feeling here from Pejic that I haven’t felt before.

  3. oh… this idea is too easy and simply creepy. And this creepiness stole the show. I don’t see clothes, models, nothing – I’m just amusing myself by searching some male features in one of this clone sisters.
    Andrej is the best when he’s more androgynous but still: a boy. Not some freaking girly girl but with male body.

  4. i don’t really like this outfits, but both ginta and andrej nailed it. i wish there will be more editorials with andrej as a man.

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