• http://twitter.com/elenavasilieva Elena Vasilieva
  • http://iiiinspired.blogspot.com/ Szucs

    i like her… nowadays i haven’t really seen big models with really short hair (with a very few exceptions maybe). she’s beautiful in these shots, good luck to her!


  • Fernanda

    she needs to close her mouth

    • lee

      no she doesn’t.

      • Nessa

        She kinda does, lol. She’s got a gorgeous pout, but in 7 out of 10 shots, her mouth is open. It’s repetitive and “safe.” She’s so gorgeous and so edgy that she doesn’t need the model’s slack jaw. In the pictures where her mouth is closed, I think they’re much more intense and brooding :)

  • Lera

    she’s beautiful…she sort of reminds me of Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby.”