Fresh Face

Fresh Face | Rose Ellis by Mitchell McLennan

Rosy Beauty – New face Rose Ellis (London MGT Group) is all natural in these colorful portraits shot by Mitchell McLennan.

Fresh Face | Johanna Gronholm by Brad Triffitt

Outdoor Beauty – Johanna Gronholm (Ford Models) bundles up from the cold in Brad Triffitt’s latest portraits.

Fresh Face | Caitlin Sloat by Matthew Priestley

Introducing Caitlin – New face Caitlin Sloat (Major Models) shows off her platinum blonde hair and androgynous looks in Matthew Priestley’s striking portraits.

Fresh Face | Anna Pichler by Roland Rab

Cool Beauty – New face Anna Pichler (VM Model) shows off a sheared haircut in these recent black and white shots photographed by Roland Rab.

Fresh Face | Isaac by Matthew Priestley

Introducing Isaac – New face Isaac (Marilyn) shows off her striking looks in Matthew Priestley’s recent portraits with hair and makeup by Frank Guyton.

Fresh Face | Amanda Moreno by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

Introducing Amanda – Spanish new face, Amanda Moreno (Marilyn Paris), shows off her potential in these hauntingly beautiful black and white images photographed by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard.

Fresh Face | Tori Trigg by David K. Shields

Swim Time – A new face hailing from Australia, Tori Trigg (IMG Paris), wears Emma Ford swimwear in David K. Shields’ natural images.

Fresh Face | Jeannine by Robert Gaudette

Jeannine in Motion – Robert Gaudette captures new face Jeannine (Ford Models) in these energetic black and white portraits where she sports casual denim and tees.

Fresh Face | Maria Loks by Martyna Galla

Maria – New face Maria Loks (Next) joins male model Marcin Banasiak (Model Plus) for photographer Martyna Galla’s intimate portraits. Styled by Marcin Zak, Maria sports denim and fur looks with curly tresses and a…

Fresh Face | Olivia by Rebekkah Farrell

Introducing Olivia – Fresh face Olivia (Red 11) shows off a sweet and natural look for photographer Rebekkah Farrell’s recent black and white images.