FGR / Indiegogo Update

indieup FGR / Indiegogo Update

Currently the site’s Indiegogo fund is at $2200. A big thank you to everyone who pledged or shared the link with their friends so far! However, there is still quite a way to go to reach the goal. If the fund does not reach its goal (or at least a majority), the site will not closing but it will effect a few things. Such as:

  • Submissions–a limited number submissions will be accepted, so talent that may have been shown on the site before will not be showcased.
  • Posts–less posts will be made to the site to cut down on server strain.
  • If you can support FGR’s Indiegogo fund financially then please do so. If not, then spread the word to your friends or family who visit the site. Remember that anyone who pledges an amount of $25 or more will receive a limited edition print copy of FGR’s exclusives. There are also other prizes available.