Fendi Fall 2011 | Milan Fashion Week

11 Responses to “Fendi Fall 2011 | Milan Fashion Week”

    • Completely agree with you EJ. If they put as much emphasis on the designing as they put into getting the “heavy hitters” of modeling, perhaps things would’ve turned out better.

  1. Not a very inspiring (inspired?) collection, but the shoes are pretty cute, and some of the separates I’d definitely buy.

  2. I’ve noticed something: Fendi never seems to know how to get Fall clothing right. There is always an OFF factor in clothes. These are just so unflattering. I mean, look at those pants on Abbey, or those oversized shorts!! I dont know any woman who wants her thighs to look like tree trunks. Makeup and Hair is ALL wrong as well. Look at how old and tired Anja Rubik looks like. Its just sad.

  3. This is HORRIBLE. The only thing I even kind of like is all the beautiful fur. Anja looks so sick and tired in the eyes :[. Who remembers Fendi Spring/Summer 2010?! Why can’t Karl make a collection as amazing as that one every season?

  4. For me it’s like art students make mad men in communist russia.And I love it!!!

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