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“The Face” Contestant Sharon On Posing Nude in Episode 2

The following is a recap of last night’s “The Face” episode written by model contestant Sharon Gallardo. SPOILER ALERT. To read Sharon’s thoughts on episode one, click here, in case you missed it.

Sharon Gallardo, a model contestant on “The Face” Season 2. Image: Oxygen Media

A LOT happened on last night’s episode. I mean it was exciting enough that we got makeovers…and we shot an ad in the NUDE. Yes, you heard that right. A NUDE SHOOT! But I’ll get to that in a minute.

I loved having makeovers done by Frederic Fekkai and our mentors. What an experience to have top industry professionals evaluate us to help us shine. The most dramatic makeover was definitely Ray’s. I thought she looked AMAZING with her short brunette hair.

Sharon gets a consult with mentor Anne V before makeover / Image: Steve Fenn/Oxygen Media

And yeah, of course I remember the drama; and the thing is I believe a lot got lost in translation with Kira and Afiya and then all of a sudden someone said something about Khadisha. I didn’t really understand. It was very confusing, but overall I think everything was a misunderstanding since I know Kira and she’s a very nice girl.

Now on to the NUDE shoot. It was really nerve wrecking. Just imagine, I’m insecure already wearing clothes and taking them off doesn’t really help. But like Anne V said, there’s something about shooting nude that is very liberating. I don’t know what it is but I felt as though we were progressing in the shoot. It actually really helps with the chemistry with the girls on your team and I could also see that on the other teams pictures.

Final Team Anne Photo with Tiana (left), Khadisha (middle) and Sharon (right) / Image: Oxygen “The Face” Blog

After we saw the three team’s pictures you could tell that Naomi’s was more about hair and ours more about body and connection. For me, it actually made sense that her team won, even though I’m pretty much in LOVE with our picture. Frederic Fekkai also mentioned I have to work on my expression and soften it up. So we all know what I’ll be doing in front of the mirror from now on! 😛

In all honesty we are on episode 2 and I’m so glad I’m still here but it also scares me so much every time we have an elimination because it gets more and more real. Just the thought of standing there in front of Naomi or Lydia gives me nightmares!

Sharon after her makeover with mentor Anne V / Image: Steve Fenn/Oxygen Media

Having Khadisha in the elimination room feels a lot like when we had Isabelle in there just last episode. Our team really can’t lose another girl; it would kill us.

Naomi made her decision and thank heavens Khadisha is back!!!! I’m so happy and I feel like finally we can all breath again. We really have to win the next challenge because it gets more and more difficult to face the possibility of elimination. Especially because we do have the best team 😉

Until the next one!

Be sure to watch The Face Wednesdays at 10/9C on Oxygen.

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