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Enter to Win a Patrón Holiday Cocktail Party

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Choosing gifts for your friends and family can be difficult. And you often wonder, will the gifts make them happy?

Patrón looks to relieve some of that stress by offering a chance to win your very own Patrón Cocktail Party for you and your friends by answering a few questions about what makes you happy.

The Holiday Happiness Experiment looks into what might make us happier these holidays. Maybe it isn’t about how much we get, but how much we give? Once you enter you will be able to see the results from everyone around the country. And the results are certainly interesting.

After you answer the questions, the experiment goes even further. Patrón is offering an opportunity to win another unique, limited edition gift, but, there’s a catch. You have to make a choice between keeping it for yourself or giving it to a friend. Enter the site to make your choice and see the results of that experiment as well.


Even if you don’t win, Patrón still has some great gift ideas for you. Their lineup of ultra-premium tequilas made with 100% Weber agave are perfect for holiday gifts. Smooth Patrón Silver for Aunt Marge, refined Reposado for your office crush, and oaky Añejo for Dad. Each bottle is hand-blown, and individually numbered, so no two bottles are alike. Unique, ultra-premium, and delicious. Holiday giving solved! And, if you’re looking for some unique cocktail ideas for this year’s holiday party, they’ve got you covered there, too.

Well, what are you waiting for? C’mon! Get happy!

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