• http://www.theironyou.com/ Margherita

    A kind of Mrs Robinson editorial, absolutely stunning!


  • Stevesmith

    She looks like Michael Jackson in that first shot

  • ffisherking

    poor movie, its aesthetics are so overused in editorials. this one is lovely, though.

  • Dyllis_filler

    this wasn’t mindblowing, but Eniko can do no wrong

  • Jocelyne Smit
  • All_182

    she’s a bit weird to me in this photos…

  • http://fashionography.net FASHIONOGRAPHY

    I didn’t even have to look at your description to know who this was shot by.  Vincent’s name’s all over it.

  • http://photo.maxbeautybridal.com/ Robert Qi


  • http://www.fashionisinlovewithme.blogspot.com/ Sahar Shirbaz

    She’s just 2 great, I’m a big fan..


  • Ex Cess

    She not topless!!!? Makes a  change. Good images though, beautifully styled.

  • Fefediego

    elegant and beautiful

  • Fulemule11

    She reminds me of Twiggy , I think she is unique and stunning :-)

  • florence

    Proof that this lady can score high without baring her nipples, absolute high class!!!

  • J N

    love this