• florence

    Compare this shoot to most of her past editorials, this is really forgettable and nothing special. Numero can be much more fierce than that, especially when using Eniko.

  • Jamie

    I think these are amazing portraits of Eniko! Love.

  • cancer guy

    smoking causes cancer

    • Stop

      Stop being the moral police. Unless someone’s smoking in your face it doesn’t concern you.

    • dmong

      coca cola light too… c´mon

  • MargheritaB

    I like it. It’s not super original but it’s definitely glamorous!


  • Alice Luker

    Nothing overly conceptual but still beautiful- more like portraits as mentioned below. Love the coat in the last shot!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1011200930 Mike Nguyen

    This one is looking kind of lazy….