• Ancica

    5th pic on the 2nd page is the best!


  • Insuline

    Tamara Weijenberg is an amazing newcomer. Love this campaign.

  • MargheritaB

    The last shot is by far my fave!


  • ieo

    this is by far the creepiest campaign i’ve seen. what are they doing? everything seems so weird and unnatural.

  • Li_An

    Big concept. Simple and beautiful.

  • mberry

    Adriana in a fashion campaign? WOW!

  • wendy

    Adriana <3

  • eric

    wheres arizona? im surprised there isn’t more of her since shes the most in demand high fashion girl of them all at the moment. otherwise its flawless.

  • Dyllis Filler

    This is awful…looking at it bums me out.

  • Lenka

    Isn’t Tamara the one who won Holland’s NTM. Nice to see someone following Patricia Van der Vliet’s footsteps