Dimphy Janse by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Spain January 2012

Summer FeelingDimphy Janse shows us that summer never really ends with Hunter & Gatti’s sun-soaked images featured in the Zoom section of Vogue Spain January. Outfitted by Sara Fernandez, Dimphy sports lightweight dresses and outerwear alongside a male companion. Windswept tresses by hair stylist Paco Garrigues and bronzed skin by makeup artist Frank Garrett complete the beauty’s easy breezy look. / Photo Assistant: Carlos Babbler, Digital Assitant: Felix Valiente

13 Responses to “Dimphy Janse by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Spain January 2012”

  1. Feels very last year to me (I mean, I think even Free People has moved on from this look).  But it’s nice I guess.

  2. Erick Lestrange Reply

    all i can see is… THAT HUUUUGE PENNIS! (either fake or not idk, still all i can see)

  3. The shot with water is very WTF. Who wears so much clothes in summer near water???

    Very bad.

  4. I like how they included the styling wardrobe area in a shot – I’ve never seen that before!

  5. could the ‘aqua’ waterline be any more fake.. when water merges into fog .. ah retouching
    & that gold dress is a good fit haaa.  
    cheeeeezy crotch shots & half naked men, hilarious.. not exploitative at all

  6. let’s just throw everything in the shoot.. with attempt at 70’s colourising ..

    token naked guy w feathered cowboy hat & college prep gear, check.. token muso kid, check.. dressed up dog, oh & a kitten, furs in summertime, fascinators, hats & mores hat & a skateboard.  

    what are we really saying here?  let’s just tryyyyy to make pretty pictures without a decent concept..

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