Daphne Groeneveld by Peter Lindbergh for Numéro #126

L’angeDaphne Groeneveld dons a pair of wings for Peter Lindbergh’s (2b Management) evocative story in Numéro #126. Starring alongside French actor Pascal Greggory, Daphne wears lingerie inspired looks chosen by fashion editor Irina Marie on a cloudy beach setting.

11 Responses to “Daphne Groeneveld by Peter Lindbergh for Numéro #126”

  1. The whole thing is incredible, it’s a beautiful story from Lindbergh and Daphne looks GREAT.

  2. Sequel or just a re-run of his Harper’s shoot in ’93 with Amber Valletta, as also already noted here: http://models.com/feed/?p=24827 ??

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