Constance Jablonski by Tiziano Magni for Numéro China #11

Haute GlamourConstance Jablonski delivers mature elegance in seductive makeup by Ralph Siciliano and vamped up hair by Moiz Alladina for Numéro China #11. Lensed by Tiziano Magni, modern shapes and eye-popping patterns selected by Joseph Carle from the likes of Givenchy, Michael Kors, Miu Miu and Celine take Constance’s look to perfection.


12 Responses to “Constance Jablonski by Tiziano Magni for Numéro China #11”

  1. Not liking the photography, 2nd to last photo before the cover makes Constance look like a plastic surgery victim.  Cover is kind of cool though.

  2. How did they manage to make Constance look bad? The photography and makeup is disgusting.

  3. I disagree strongly with most of comments! I do think the make up is harsh but constance put it off perfectly! She is one of thos model that can handle strong makeup in the more glamorous manner! I <3 the cover.

  4. I think the hair, makeup and styling would naturally look amazing if this story was shot by someone else. The lighting is terrible and the selects could be better. The photography is everything!

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