Coco Rocha by Max Abadian for Elle Brazil May 2012

The Special Model – Following up the much talked about cover, we present the main editorial for Elle Brazil starring Coco Rocha. Photographed by Max Abadian with styling by William Graper, the Canadian model wears some of the most standout pieces from the spring collections of Gucci, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli and Givenchy amongst others. A dark lip by makeup artist Hung Vanngo and a slicked back coif by hair stylist Andre Gunn complete the ultra-glam ensembles.

7 Responses to “Coco Rocha by Max Abadian for Elle Brazil May 2012”

  1. Huge fan of this, although some of that unnecessary and excessive graphic art on the side of the pages is distracting.

  2. hmmmmmm…I’ like Coco and I’m not a weight worrywart  but she is too skinny….looks unsexy and I worry for her  Look at the b/w pic on the balcony

    •  Where do you live? At McDonald’s? She’s size 38 and healthily skinny. And who you are to judge? Beauty comes in all sizes, isn’t this your slogan? And unsexy… Haven’t we had enough of body shaming? I, for one, am attracted to skinny women and I think she IS sexy so keep your opinions to yourself or learn how to express them without hurting anyone. Thanks in regards.

      • God. That comment. Just look at her bloody arms, do they look emaciated to you? Her chestbones are not even visible. Half of the girls on the streets here look like this and do not starve themselves. All the hating on skinny body type is just starting getting crazy.

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