Christy Turlington by Ellen von Unwerth for Madame le Figaro June 2011

Zen BeautyChristy Turlington steams up Ellen von Unwerth’s tropical setting wearing sensual beachwear and denim, and even shows off some stunning flexibility in the June issue of Madame le Figaro.


source | tarsha @ TFS

14 Responses to “Christy Turlington by Ellen von Unwerth for Madame le Figaro June 2011”

  1. Anonymous Reply

    The editing is cool, but she looks the same in every picture.

  2. Does Christy ever age? She looks simply stunning in this ed

  3. Something, just something, is seriously astray here.
    Either Kristy has taken a visit to the Knifey Doctor (which I doubt), or Ellen employed a crap photoshoppist, which seems unlikely or Madame Figaro let loose their photoshop team – which seems most likely. Either way the shoot sucks and I cannot look upon the fakery.
    At least the cover is OK

    • Why allways blame the retoucher? Do you really think the person who does the retouching does it because he wants it this way?

      So please just blame the AD’s and CD’s and customers which  a l l w a y s  want the retoucher to remove this and smooth out that a bit more (and more and more until it looks silly).

      But you are right – the retouching sucks 😛

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