• http://twitter.com/likeavirgin__ Twiggy Lawson

    It’s ok, but doesn’t catch my eye… Another mediocre and undistinguished collection by Dior.

  • Jjovana3

    Nothing special. I love John Galliano brand, but when it comes to Dior, he tends to be very literal.

  • http://alafemme.blogspot.com Alafemmeblog

    Its neither here no there!!


  • patrycjas

    weird… but can’t wait for the HC

  • It sucks

    ………….okay well at least it’s spring-y.

  • http://twitter.com/TheJemaniGroup The Jemani Group

    Regatta luncheoning and yacht cocktail golfing in posh luxury Parisian frocks (like in pub golf but only the yacht is the pub) (o’ In some cases the collection seems a bit scaled back for Mr. Galliano but I like it.

  • ..

    karlie is amazing :)

  • http://twitter.com/huitingxo Huiting

    I like this beach-y look. Pretty interesting, with all the vibrant colours.