• http://featurezoo.net memorexe

    Way too pretty for my tastes—but what a fabulous confectioner Kaiser Karl is! Somewhere in the mid-section it becomes Barbarella filmed in Chanel-vision.

  • Anonymous

    Love Chanel’s classic!

  • http://www.hotbeautyhealth.com hotbeautyhealth

    Such a classic lady-like look from Chanel. I love the soft neutral tones too! Very pretty and elegant spring collection.

  • Dgvictims

    Too much light regarding colours.

  • ucef r jager

    beautiful collection ! but those silver shoes are just ugly :s

  • TopFashionStyle.com

    i am blown away!!! such a gorgeous collction! BRAVO!


  • Medusa

    I totally agree with the above comment – when I first saw the pictures, I thought it was snowing & that there was snow on the runway.  But then I remembered, wait, this is a spring/summer collection – what IS going on here?!

    • Priya

      Its white sand, maybe one has to see the video to get the whole under the sea feel?

  • Medusa

    Oh, & I do love the pearl “belts” & the shells the models are holding.  But that last dress on Stella Tennant?  Hideous!  What a way to close an otherwise fantastic collection!

  • anna

    ^Agreed.  It looks like armpit hair!

  • anna

    ^Agreed.  It looks like armpit hair!

  • http://www.styledecorum.com J Umm

    so agree, highly predictable but i guess that he kind of has to keep the tweed and pearls to keep coco alive.

  • http://www.tattoosales.com Cleo Smathers

    Is that glitter on their faces or strategically placed rhinestones?  I’m confused.

    • Kahleah

      I think that they are supposed to be fake piercings. Quite tacky really.

  • guest

    I love how its different, but still so Chanel

  • Kakarina

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