Chanel Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

Chanel’s Seascape Spring – With a runway modeled after the sights of the sea, Karl Lagerfeld presented a feminine and light showing for Chanel’s spring 2012 collection. Soft layers of silk and chiffon were covered by the classic Chanel tweed jacket. Models took to the catwalk in ivory, silver, salmon and seafoam for the new season with crystal embellishments and abstract prints. Beauty for the show included slicked back hair, pink lips and cheeks–and keeping with the underwater theme–pearl hair ornaments.

16 Responses to “Chanel Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week”

  1. Way too pretty for my tastes—but what a fabulous confectioner Kaiser Karl is! Somewhere in the mid-section it becomes Barbarella filmed in Chanel-vision.

  2. I totally agree with the above comment – when I first saw the pictures, I thought it was snowing & that there was snow on the runway.  But then I remembered, wait, this is a spring/summer collection – what IS going on here?!

    • Its white sand, maybe one has to see the video to get the whole under the sea feel?

  3. Oh, & I do love the pearl “belts” & the shells the models are holding.  But that last dress on Stella Tennant?  Hideous!  What a way to close an otherwise fantastic collection!

    • I think that they are supposed to be fake piercings. Quite tacky really.

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