Seiji Fujimori Captures Summer Swimwear for Marie Claire Spain June

Sensorium – Swim season is out in full swing with fashion glossies featuring the latest bathing suit styles. And Marie Claire Spain’s June issue is the most recent magazine to show off pool ready looks with a sultry story shot by Seiji Fujimori and starring Caroline Corinth. The blonde beauty dons revealing looks from the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Triumph, Dior and Chanel styled by Florence Reveillaud. A slicked back coif by hair stylist Alexandry Costa and colorful eye shadow by William Bartel perfect Caroline’s tropical look.

5 Responses to “Seiji Fujimori Captures Summer Swimwear for Marie Claire Spain June”

  1. That ear on the first photo is just bizarre I thought they had photoshopped into place for fun when I first saw it……

  2. I agree, something about the ear in the first picture seems a bit strange. Aside from that it’s a beautiful editorial

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