Cara Delevingne Joins Rita Ora for Hunger TV’s ‘Facemelt’ Dirty Music Video

cara rita hunger Cara Delevingne Joins Rita Ora for Hunger TVs Facemelt Dirty Music Video
FacemeltCara Delevingne teams up with her friend and singer Rita Ora for a Hunger TV video featuring a remix of Rita’s song, “Facemelt”. Directed by Rankin, the pair dresses in looks from Chanel, Prada and more in a music video set to crazy beats. “Cara hijacking my video and my life and just basically hijacking me – it’s pretty awesome. She’s crazy like me. So it makes sense,” says Rita about the collaboration.

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  • Alex

    Whoa, haha, that was fun. Much better than I would’ve thought. Cara Delevingne is definitely growing on me.

  • Nuris Ely Setyo

    Omagah….both the girls are rock especially their hairstyle

  • skinny.chili