Candice Swanepoel by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar US

Game OnCandice Swanepoel teams up with Terry Richardson for another sports-themed editorial featured in the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar US. Styled by Brana Wolf, Candice wears a wardrobe of flirty silhouettes with sport accessories from labels such as Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors.

20 Responses to “Candice Swanepoel by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar US”

  1. she’s so beyond beautiful and really coming into her own as a model. Gooo Candice!

  2. Aea130omar Reply

    Getting tired of Terry’s style. He got away with it for some time… now let’s move on. On camera flash, whatever. If I ever produced something like this, I’d loose my job.

  3. Candice can look decent in editorials if she actually have some clothes on; Terry’s photography is getting so blah lately and I’m speaking as a fan of his early works.

  4. These actually could have been really good with a different photographer.

    • Can you please explain what is wrong with the photographer, or what a different photographer could have brought to the shoot that Terry did not? 

      • by using more props, more locations.  Refer to editorials titled “Fashion Olympic” or “Olympic Agony” 4 years ago.  The former was pretty weak (another Harper’s US editorial with Lucy Liu); but the same can’t be said about the latter.  

        • Or even just one interesting location.  And some lighting that gave it more depth instead of flattening it out against a white wall.  Styling, make-up, model, theme–all great, but that lighting just kills it dead.

        • I can’t argue with you on that, forgive me I thought your comment was a personal attack on Richardson. 

  5. i have the feeling that i already saw this editorial last year… :3 but it’s nice to see terry’s work.

  6. I think the inspiration was Victoria’s Secret…

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