There is no doubt that Val & Musso’s “Cabaña” is a visual spectacle. The different patterns and textures draw the viewer’s eye in almost immediately. Yet, I somehow find myself appreciating the black and white photos more. Without the overpowering background colors it’s easier to focus on the clothing. And isn’t that what fashion photography is about after all?

cabanapreview Cabaña

cabana1 Cabaña

cabana2 Cabaña

cabana3 Cabaña

cabana4 Cabaña

cabana5 Cabaña

cabana6 Cabaña

cabana7 Cabaña

cabana8 Cabaña

cabana9 Cabaña

cabana10 Cabaña

cabana11 Cabaña

cabana12 Cabaña

Magazine: Numéro (Issue #101)
Editorial: Cabaña
Photographers: Luciana Val & Franco Musso
Model: Karmen Pedaru

source | flyingace @ tfs

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