• http://twitter.com/Hipporox hipporox

    the first few dresses had nice silhouettes  and then after that i was just like WHAT IN THE WORLD…..

  • http://twitter.com/jaymeregan Jamie Regan

    3rd last dress reminds me of a cheap versace spring/summer copy dress the fringe one

  • i’m wondering what the hell anais pouliot is wearing. YOU’RE wondering what anais pouliot is wearing. hell, we’re ALL wondering what the f**k anais pouliot is wearing!

  • Eagle

    Wow now this is a new level of tackyness

  • http://www.cinchedatthewaist.com Cinched

    oooo yes i love the carmen miranda vibe going on!

  • Kris

    Yikes! What the hell is this???

  • http://featurezoo.net memorexe

    Trippin’ Daisies! I want to live in a world where this collection is the norm– or at least visit that planet a few times each year.

  • Medusa

    Now THAT’s a lot of flowers!  P.S.  Some of the colors were so bright they hurt my eyes!

  • J Umm

    Love the black fuzzy looks, but the fluorescents…. i dont think so….