Blumarine Fall 2012 | Milan Fashion Week

Blumarine’s Playful Fall – For fall 2012, Blumarine showcased a collection of over the top glamour with colorful fur coats, wild animal prints and techno silver fabrics. Opening the show with sexy ski bunny coats, designer Anna Molinari made sure the autumn season was a playful one by featuring oversize bags that looked like poms poms more than actual accessories. As the show progressed, some sparkle was added in the form of sequin embellished tops, pants and chunky jewelry. Always unapologetic with the amount of excess and glamour, Blumarine brought a sense of carefree style to the upcoming season.

4 Responses to “Blumarine Fall 2012 | Milan Fashion Week”

  1. What a laugh! At least it is fun and unrestrained, a few of the girls like Cara and Frida it suits, Jac was given clothes that suit her (and really she is heavenly), some of the “costumes” really are slut stuff, but at least it is some respite from the dark stuff elsewhere in Milan.

  2. Seems like we’ll have freezing winter again 😀
    I like this collection, it’s funny, cute, mostly wearable…

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