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Balenciaga Sues Steve Madden Over “Studied Copy” Handbag

THE BAG: Balenciaga Velo Bag available for $1835

THE BAG: Balenciaga Velo Bag available for $1835

Balenciaga Takes on Madden Again-Balenciaga and Steve Madden are at odds again after the French label filed a lawsuit alleging that Steve Madden has violated a trade dress regulation, reports the Daily Mail. “The Defendant’s wholesale copying of Balenciaga’s designs is likely to deceive consumers into believing that the infringing [handbag] is associated with or authorized by Balenciaga when it is, in fact, not,” reads court documents that were filed at Manhattan’s District Court last week.

THE ALLEGED COPY: Steve Madden Btalia bag available for $88

THE ALLEGED COPY: Steve Madden Btalia bag available for $88

The handbag under dispute appears to be Steve Madden’s Btalia bag, which retails for $88 at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s, and bears resemblance to Balenciaga’s Motorcycle bag. Balenciaga asserts that “The flat pouch with a zippered rectangular closure, a zipper pull consisting of a strip centrally-knotted and hanging in two equal lengths, and a semi elliptical patch outfitted with two raised studs in each corner; and two identical patches in an elongated pentagonal shape, featuring an elongated hexagonal patch outfitted with a buckle and two raised studs,” are all features of the Motorcycle bag that when copied create a “false impression” for customers.

This is not the first time the French designer has filed a lawsuit against accessories designer Steve Madden. In 2009, Balenciaga filed a similar trade dress suit over Madden’s Multi Bright Bukled Heel which was very similar in design to their LEGO heel.

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