Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for Numéro #118

ashley smith Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118

Ashley Smith gets seductive for the November issue of Numéro. Wearing a wardrobe of white and sparkle curated by fashion editor Franck Benahmou, Ashley shows off her curves in the designs of Valentino, Celine, John Galliano and more lensed by Liz Collins.

ashley smith1 Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118
ashley smith2 Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118
ashley smith3 Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118
ashley smith4 Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118
ashley smith5 Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118
ashley smith6 Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118
ashley smith7 Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118
ashley smith8 Ashley Smith by Liz Collins for <em>Numéro</em> #118
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  • Anonymous

    There’s a reason why most models aren’t busty. I’m not saying she doesn’t have a great figure, but in this case, her chest looks unattractive and distracting.

    • Grace Deal

      what the fuck? it’s only distracting if you’re too immature to get over simple boobs.

  • Anon

    ^ I was just going to write.. This model is soo distracting and that is something I’ve never felt before. Lips, brows, teeth, breasts.. where’s the clothes at ???

  • anonymous

    i feel like her breasts are competing with her teeth for attention ahah

    once again, if she closed her mouth this would have been better

  • FabM

    her teeth are scary

  • Gymnast200

    lol its like what do i focus on???!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • max

    that gap is huge! lara stone X20 without any of the appeal. and her hair is a mess, sheesh, u wonder just how these magazines choose fashion shoots

  • Anita Siraki

    stop the no eyebrow fad!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I find these photos of her very unflattering.

  • Kremy

    Sorry but she’s kind of ugly…

  • Lisanwachowicz

    I just think Lara Stone is much much much more attractive… no offense.

  • daspinky

    her face looks weird, and the photos in general are kinda bad.

  • Things I Like

    I think there are too many similarities between her and Lara Stone

  • BondageUpYours

    She has a gorgeous figure, but her face…

  • Kinulka

    she IS bautiful ! she does have nice boobs and her bone structure is super too.

  • al.

    horrible teeth.. just horrible..

  • roo

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with her teeth, tits or figure, but if these are the images that the photographer was going for then she can hardly be held at fault. Has anyone else noticed that any gap-toothed model rarely keep their mouths closed? It’s because they’re told not to.

  • gretel barcenas

    stop hating on her. her beauty is distinguished by her body and her teeth. which i love!

  • patrycjas

    so vulgar & tacky

  • Guest

    Great tits!

  • Sakke Hytönen

    oh my bloody hell you people!!! if you don’t like her teeth (oh please people..grow up) it’s only your problem…the feeling is just great in the story and i love it!

  • Wendyb

    Who gave anyone the right to determine what’s beautiful and what’s not, and guess what she’s making the money regardless of coments.

  • Thom

    I found about Ashley last night! Oh my god! Beauty in imperfection. I would marry this girl in a heart beat. AMAZING!

  • Anon

    Ashley is stunning, and I adore her teeth. It’s what makes her unique! And these photos are gorgeous, I’m obsessed!