Arizona Muse for Fendi Spring 2012 Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld

10 Responses to “Arizona Muse for Fendi Spring 2012 Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld”

  1. oh karl please don’t take pictures anymore, you are good at other things!

  2. If I didn’t already know that Arizona is a model, I would think that she’s an actress. I don’t get her in most of her editorials and campaigns. Her facial expressions just look like bad acting.

  3. Karl Lagerfel put down the camera! Good lord these are terrible! What woman is he selling to? She doesn’t exist. Completely unrelatable. Whats with the creepy men lurking in the shadows? And those kids look like wax statues! How awkward! Even Arizona looks like crap, i mean you have to be pretty terrible to make her look bad. WOW.

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