Anni Jurgenson is Pretty in Plastic for Greta Ilieva’s Please Shoot

Bubble Wrap PrincessAnni Jurgenson has a fashion purification for the latest issue of Please Magazine, lensed by Greta Ilieva. The model poses against plastic covered props in stylist John William’s daring selects featuring metallic, latex and even trash bags as accessories. Messy tresses by hair stylist Michael Jones and smudged makeup by Annabel Callum complete the quirky looks.

8 Responses to “Anni Jurgenson is Pretty in Plastic for Greta Ilieva’s Please Shoot”

  1. I’m going to go against the majority and say I like this shoot. Fashion photography shouldn’t just be about a girl looking cute in a dress. These images obviously have a certain “wrongness” to them, and I can appreciate that. 

    • I agree. I’d rather someone take risks than do a shoot i’ve seen a bazillion times before. Some images here are real winners imo. 

  2. This is terrible. I understand they weren’t going for “pretty” but ugh. Photos 3 and 7, what is that in her hair?? It looks like a tumor or something. This shoot is just gross and nasty. If they are trying to sell clothes in this IT’S NOT WORKING. I bet the model was so happy about her look in this…

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