Ana-Maria Georgescu Gets 70s Chic for Femina Magazine by Shxpir

Fun with Flowers – Up and coming model Ana-Maria Georgescu stars in a seventies inspired style spread for the latest issue of Femina Magazine, a popular Chinese magazine. The fresh face poses against a backdrop of rainbow-colored flowers for enigmatic Chinese photographer Shxpir. Difei Sun styled Ana-Maria in vibrant fashions that channel the hippie heyday. Bold blue eyes from make-up artist Sun Qi and Farrah Fawcett-style blonde locks by hair stylist Jason X set off this retro look.

5 Responses to “Ana-Maria Georgescu Gets 70s Chic for Femina Magazine by Shxpir”

  1. Love the colorfulness of this spread, but it would have been better if she knew how to change expressions.

  2. She literally could have been replaced by a blow-up doll. Maybe that was the point. The second image in purple habit sort of has a Linda Lovelace quality to it, no?

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