Amanda Booth by Steven Lyon for Remix #69

Journey Home – Amanda Booth packs all of her most elegant and striking outfits for a difficult trip home in the latest edition of Remix Magazine. Captured by Steven Lyon and styled by Jenke-ahmed Tailly, the blonde model wears the designs of Azzedine Alaia as she travels from the cozy indoors to a Mexican beach.

22 Responses to “Amanda Booth by Steven Lyon for Remix #69”

  1. Does it bother anyone else that the dodging on these photos is done so terribly??? Halos everywhere. . .

  2. OMG what just happened?? at first i wasn’t taken by the HDRslashGRAINY effect i was even b*tching that the photographer “accidentally” shot them underexposed and photoshopped them to bits so the details would come out but as i leafed through the pictures the stories unfolded so intricately i was drawn to her myriad expressions and her eyes that totally blew my mind!!! this is phenomenal!!

    • I agree, if the photoshop effects were toned down a bit the story in the pictures would be stand out much more.

  3. Dyllis_filler Reply

    What year is this?  I feel like this is some old early 2000’s editorial, where everyone went completely ape with photoshop effects.
    waaaayy too much….can’t even see the real pics…

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