Amalie Hartmann by Olivia Frølich for Costume July 2011

Summer Prints – Olivia Frølich’s sun-drenched images for the July issue of Costume Denmark give an easy freshness to the summer stylings of Marie Hindkær Andersen. Wearing a mix of vivid colors and beautiful patterns, model Amalie Hartmann basks in the mid-day heat, looking radiant with pastel colored eye shadow and nails. / Beauty by Rikke Dengsø.

12 Responses to “Amalie Hartmann by Olivia Frølich for Costume July 2011”

  1. the mix-matched prints are refreshing.

  2. The styling is so gorgeos! great job Marie 😀
    btw. if anybody is interested, the stylist of this shoot (Marie Hindhær Andersen) has a blog called: check it out!!!! 😀 You won’t regret it


  3. Lauren Helen Reply

    The second last photo is lovely. I love all the yellow!

    *New blog! Watch as a culinarily challenged girl learns to cook! First official blog post scheduled for Wednesday, July 6, at 7pm EDT. Be there!

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