Alyona for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore August 2010 by Simon Upton

Photographer Simon Upton takes to Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands resort for the August edition of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. Although there are many attractions such as its mall or casino, models Alyona (Mannequin) and Wang Fei (Carrie Models) look more interested in each other as they don sharp looks styled by Kenneth Goh in Metropolis.

11 Responses to “Alyona for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore August 2010 by Simon Upton”

  1. Well, that was new – seeing an asian man in a fashion editorial. I like it!

  2. Agreed. Very refreshing. Its very futuristic looking with vintage inspired pieces. Im obsessing over those high heeled loafers.

  3. Love it, the poses are great and it a very innovative shoot. very impressed

  4. in the picture by the window she’s missing a foot.. :-( or it’s just me? well in almost every pic there’s something wrong with her feet

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